About Us

i PlanRx™ is based in Green Bay Wisconsin. We are a Midwestern-based organization focused on solving a national problem.

What makes i PlanRx™ unique?

  • We collaborate with our clients to rewrite the rule book of managing the risk and financing of employee benefits.
  • We empower employers / employees / and individuals to make better purchasing decisions via a transparent sharing of knowledge.
  • We believe in providing everyone the Freedom to Choose.
  • We work together with our collaborative partners to redefine the marketplace and grow our mutual clients.
  • We are committed to providing our partners with the market-leading: knowledge, technology, and products to efficiently and profitably meet their financial protection needs.
  • We collaborate with our partners to create their road-map to thrive in a marketplace increasingly influenced by individual needs and limited financial resources.

Our Approach

The collaborative approach that we take with our partners includes: current situation analysis, healthcare supply chain optimization, Private Health Exchange technology, and providing a financial administrative solution that empowers employers and individuals to have transparent information guiding them to the highest quality outcomes.  


Meet Some of Our Team